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Mobile Toys Shopping with QR codes?!

This has been one of my favorite projects this year.  We have taken the Toy Team’s favorite toys, put them on billboards, and displayed them in places where it may be easier for people to shop.  Waiting at the airport?  Waiting for the bus?  Waiting for tickets at the theatre?  We just made it a […]

Black Friday Bargain Warriers!!!

  I said I would never do it!  But this year my kids and I woke up at 4:30 AM the day after Thanksgiving, brushed our teeth and jumped in the car to join the bargin hunters in the cold wee hours.  We were egged on by all of those commercials talking about the crazy […]

Retail Retaliation

Target Ain’t People — MoveOn ad @ Yahoo! Video Maybe I am the last to see this, but the video and the article blew my mind!  This is like Glee meets Joan Baez meets Che Guevera!  I love it that the art of civil protest is not dead – but nothing this cool has ever […]