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Olympic Mom Marketing

My family is all about the Olympics.  From the opening ceremony, through the competitions and background stories, and the Olympic commercial breaks – we watch more TV during these 2 weeks than we do the rest of the year.  So even though we are only a couple of days in – I already have my […]

Boy Movie Bonanza? Moms Just Aren’t Buying It!

The toy world was poised for the blockbuster Spring and Summer for boys toys.  Come on, with Thor, Pirates of the Caribbean 4, Green Lantern, Pixar’s Cars 2, Transformers 3, and Captain America, the deck was stacked for success – right?  So where are those headlines of record sales?  As it turns out, neither the […]

Top Toys For The Season

Julia talks Fab 15 in-studio with WJBK from Julia Fitzgerald on Vimeo. I  had the opportunity to appear on FOX2 News in Detroit earlier this week to talk about the Fab 15 – the hottest toys of the season.  While it was nice to talk toys with Kam, it was really fun to shoot up […]

Baby, We’re Gonna Make You A Star!

When my tween daughter heard the radio ad, she was 100% sure they were talking directly to her.  ” Want to be an Actress?” they asked.  They claimed to have placed the actors in Drake and Josh, Hannah Montana, the Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and just about every other Nickelodeon and Disney show […]

Top Toys of The Season!

Psssst.  The hottest toys of the season are here now.  Their commercials and hype haven’t started yet.  But the new stuff is on the retailers’ shelves.  My team and I at Kmart have been working on picking the best of the best toys with Rico Rodriguez – or ” Manny” from the hit TV Show Modern […]

Hanging at Blogher

I attended the Blogher conference this year on behalf of my company.  We were looking to understand how the whole Mom blogging community could work with our own social media plans.  What I found was a well attended gal pal party that seemed to be hosted by 3 magnanimous hostesses (the founders) and a raft […]

“Wear Em Down” Customer Service

It seems a large number of companies have adopted a marketing strategy I would dub the “Wear Em Down” method.  Have you run into this recently?  As I was trying to re-balance my embattled 401K funds, some companies required the proverbial act of congress to relinquish my money.  They literally required so much of my […]

Moms For Sale?

Are Mom Bloggers for sale? Are their endorsements induced by corporate pay offs, or are they sincere? Mama Says So suggests regulation requiring Mom Blogs to declare sponsorhips of anykind would protect the readers, the integrity of Bloggers, and the investments of the marketing companies.

Sexy Hamburgers and Weiner Talk

I’m no prude… but maybe I’m becoming one. You be the judge. Over vacation I had more TV viewing time with my kids than normal. It was then that I became uncomfortable and started hitting “mute” on fast food commercials. Or should I say “Fast, Loose, and Easy” food commercials. Have you seen the Quiznos’s […]

Hey, Can I Talk To Your Mom?

We all know the response on the other end of the line. If Mom didn’t get to see the caller ID before junior picked up, she’s whispering “who is it?” If it’s someone she wants to talk to, she takes the phone. If she’s just not in the mood for that person, it’s the shake […]