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Black Friday Bargain Warriers!!!

  I said I would never do it!  But this year my kids and I woke up at 4:30 AM the day after Thanksgiving, brushed our teeth and jumped in the car to join the bargin hunters in the cold wee hours.  We were egged on by all of those commercials talking about the crazy […]

Fab 15 Toy List with Rico in NYC!

Last Friday I had the good fortune to announce the Fab 15 Toys list in NYC with Rico Rodriguez.  We started the morning in Times Square where we talked on camera (and on the big Times Square Billboards!) about the toy selections, and then Rico announced them all one by one.  We had a great […]

Sexy Hamburgers and Weiner Talk

I’m no prude… but maybe I’m becoming one. You be the judge. Over vacation I had more TV viewing time with my kids than normal. It was then that I became uncomfortable and started hitting “mute” on fast food commercials. Or should I say “Fast, Loose, and Easy” food commercials. Have you seen the Quiznos’s […]