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Baby, We’re Gonna Make You A Star!

When my tween daughter heard the radio ad, she was 100% sure they were talking directly to her.  ” Want to be an Actress?” they asked.  They claimed to have placed the actors in Drake and Josh, Hannah Montana, the Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and just about every other Nickelodeon and Disney show […]

Kids Choice Awards

So it may never win an Emmy, but the slime was awesome and it was a truly good time!  This year I got to attend the Nickelodeon Kids Choice awards with my kids, and call me corny, but I am a confirmed fan! Being in the audience was a 90 minute thrill for my tween daughter.  She […]

Get Your Glee On!

Isn’t if funny how one hot show can turn something geek into chic?  As a parent of a high school boy in show choir, all I can say is Go Glee!  This year my 15 year old son defected from the safe suburban ranks of travel soccer to the school show choir.  While I had […]

Moms For Sale?

Are Mom Bloggers for sale? Are their endorsements induced by corporate pay offs, or are they sincere? Mama Says So suggests regulation requiring Mom Blogs to declare sponsorhips of anykind would protect the readers, the integrity of Bloggers, and the investments of the marketing companies.

Selling Smart Play To Mom

I’ve spent the last 7 years as the CMO of a company that makes and markets electronic educational toys, and I’ve noticed that there are two prevailing mindsets when mom is engaged in this category. She is either fueling a child’s passion who loves learning, or she is trying to encourage her child where she […]