What Do I Get My Kids For Christmas?

What are your kids asking for this holiday?  It probably depends on their age.  If they want the red hot Zhu Zhu pets, well good luck.  Those elusive automated hamsters are in short supply!   Regardless of their age, the secret to picking a memorable Christmas present is selecting toys that have long term play value.  You know, the toy they go back to for months instead of one play and out!

Some good choices this year include toys that encourage development, art skills, rough and tumble play, and imaginative play. For the infant / Toddler set I really like the Laugh and Learn Learning Farm.   Preschoolers will love Vtech laptops, Handy Manny’s Workshop, and Disney Princess dress up outfits.  There are great choices for girls with an amazing array of fashion dolls – Liv, Moxie and Barbie – that let girls change, hair, clothing and attitudes.  Girls will also love the Littlest Pet Shop sets, Easy Bake Oven and other kids cooking kits. Activity sets are great toys for boys and girls.  Playdoh sets are awesome for the younger kids, and Paperoni and Bendis are great for kids 6+.   Boys love the newest mega Nerf guns, Bakugan, and action figures from their favorite show.

This year every retailer seems to be promoting games.  Games are great Christmas presents for kids and families.  From Yahtzee to Rush Hour, its easy to pick games that are fun and also build strategic thinking.  (Strategery!)

So is it worth it to rush out for the all night Black Friday sales?  Only if you are one of the thousands that loves the hunt!  There will be hot deals on toys all the way up to the minute Santa’s sleigh departs.  However, if there is a particular toy on your child’s list – shop early to be safe.  Retailers are carrying less inventory this year, so there will be outages in the home stretch.  Especially if you are chasing after a Hamster!

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