TV Advertising – Its Not Dead Yet












I’ve read how TV is a less relevant marketing channel in this digital age, but I am seeing evidence to the contrary.  As recently as this May during the 2017 Upfront, there were reports claiming while 31% of overall marketing investments are with digital marketing, TV still holds 41% of the media dollars spent.   ABC shared a study executed by Accenture that shows 18% of the ROI attributed to digital media was really driven by multi-platform TV. Digital media sales and broadcast sales teams debate the relevance and attribution questions relentlessly.

What I can see in our business is that it’s not an either-or decision.  Multi-channel marketing is the optimal solution.  We live in a world of multi-screens.  Consumers see a new company, product or idea on the TV, and they tend to Google it as their first follow up action.  You can’t have a TV strategy without a digital strategy to compliment it.  I view TV as a search accelerant.  When we launched our AZEK Building Products TV campaign in March, our search and site traffic jumped in a very measurable way.  Our brand name is not a household name, so the TV accelerant helped in brand awareness and gave people a reason to seek us out online.

If a marketing budget doesn’t have room for a TV buy, search interest and brand awareness can always be cultivated through other digital channels and content marketing. It’s very common to have a successful digital campaign without TV.  But it’s really hard to beat the immediacy and the scale that TV adds to a multi-channel campaign. Just ask your Digital Marketing Managers.



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