Favorite Brand Videos of 2014

My marketing team and I are big fans of videos that really talk to Mom.  As we start our planning for 2015, I pulled together some of my favorite brand videos from 2014.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Hardest Job – From American Greetings Mothers Day Cards –Great creative and brilliant show of discipline – they didn’t to ruin with too much commercial branding.


PSA about not drinking and driving – Budweiser – Not specifically Mom targeted, but I guarantee you that every Mom watching it cried.  (Or that’s what they tell me)



Oh, Canada! – Molson Beer  – This a great asset in a campaign where Molson establishes themselves not only as Canada’s beer – but the spirit of Canada.  (Fantastic repackaging roll-out included).  I didn’t intend to have 2 beer videos in my round up but Molson made this about patriotism – not beer.  In a way, eh?



Inspire Her Mind – Verizon –   This great video also ran on broadcast TV.  Its about girl empowerment and getting girls to code.  This topic is near and dear to my team’s heart as we gear up our Robotics & Coding classes for kids in 2015.



Thank you, Mom – P&G – Part of an on-going Thank You, Mom campaign – this one ran with Olympics and make you cry.  I always watch the moms in the stands at the Olympics and try to imagine what they are feeling watching their kids on that international stage .  Ooops.  I’m tearing up again.



These brand videos go viral, in part,  because they each tell a story that authentically connects with people.  Heartfelt or funny they are about the storytelling –  and the brand only tips in at the end.  Commercial messages don’t work.  Stories do.  Send me your favorites brand videos from this year that I may have missed.



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