Black Friday Gets a Black Eye?

Today’s headlines are “Black Friday has lost its Mojo” and “Black Friday has lost its allure”.  Maybe the retailers just got too greedy and killed it.  Seriously.  Years ago Friday crept into Thanksgiving Day Thursday.  And everyone knows that there will be more deals on Cyber Monday.  Which, by the way, crept into Sunday since we all have phones and computers at home.  And lets not even pretend that the sales were just re-distributed between Thursday – Monday.  We all know there are more big sales coming right up to Christmas Eve – both in store and online.  So not as many of us feel forced to jump through the late night retail hoops.  It used to be a thing.  It used to be sport.  At the toy company I worked for we would make our Black Friday deals in March with the large retailers and they had a pretty good idea how many shoppers would reliably rip through that hot toy on the Biggest shopping day of the year.  So I wonder if they are sitting on a lot of inventory?  That can only mean bigger discounts closer to Christmas.  Here’s where the savvy shopper can stall and wait it out for the best, best deals.

With online and mobile shopping, the power has shifted.  Mom shops when Mom wants to shop.  It will be interesting to see if the same total holiday dollars are spent when it is said and done.  But it looks like you can sit back down at the table and have the pumkin pie with your family instead of running off to the store.  Mama says so.


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