Education is what matters – Mama says so!

 I recently left my retail marketing job at Sears / Kmart to contribute to something that sounded more urgent than selling toys and fitness equipment.  Don’t get me wrong, I love both toys and fitness equipment, but I am sure both will do fine without my assistance.  I joined the Sylvan Learning team where their purpose is to help kids succeed and thrive through personal learning.  As it turns out, a lot of kids can’t get everything they need from a classroom with one teacher and 30 students.  Sylvan helps kids who are behind catch up, and accelerate students who want to excel and push ahead.  It sounds simple, but it is pretty powerful stuff. 

I am discovering all kinds of crazy facts about education in the US that are flat out eye openers to me.  Like 3,000,000 kids drop out of high school each year.  Yet 90% of available jobs require a high school degree.  Currently, almost 80% of available jobs require a college degree, so if we plan to have the right workforce in the very near future, we collectively need to do a better job with our national approach to education.

But the real reason I joined Sylvan is not to improve our educational system as a whole.  It’s because like most Moms, I want my kids to be happy, confident, and successful in life.  And that happens when your kids know how to learn, and have a solid education.  Sylvan is one of the rare companies that are focused on motivating kids to learn, so it’s my privilege to join them in their efforts.

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