The Mamasaysso holiday gift list

Haven’t started shopping yet? No problem! It looks like lots of people are putting it off until the last minute this year. And we have two extra days between thanksgiving and Christmas to procrastinate. Be warned though – the weekend before Christmas will be a MONSTER shopping experience. #truth. People always ask me for gift ideas since I’m in retail – So I have put off my holidays guide albeit a little late this year

  1. Family gifts:
    Season tickets to a theatre in your town. We did this when the kids were in elementary school and we had no idea how it would influence their lives. Broadway in Chicago tickets were one of our best presents to the family yet
  2. Board Games -it only sounds corny until everyone stars having a ton of fun playing. Take one as a hostess gift if you get stuck at dull holiday parties. (The ones where you can’t even drink enough to make the people seem interesting)
  3. Harry & David’s Moose Mix – its ridiculous what they charge for it but EVERYONE loves that stuff.  It’s probably laced with moose meth and that is why we continue to buy the overpriced snack.

Teen Gifts –  Always a hard one because they secretly still want the thrill of opening toys, and they are mostly sulky no matter what you get them.  Regardless, here’s my top picks:

  1. Yurbuds – These are the best ear-buds EVER.  They stay in even when you are working out, and they will help your teen ignore you even more when they are plugged into their music.
  2. Little Speakers – I like the Nakamichi cubes.  They are small enough to fit in a stocking, but when connected to teens’ phones / music devices, these little guys can crank the jams to create an instant party
  3. Boys still like RC cars, planes (think Air Hogs) and Nerf guns.  They just do. 
  4. Teen girls have mixed emotions about make up – some love it and some have no idea where to start.  But its a great time to get them into something that looks natural and non trashy – Bare Essentials is a great line to get for teens and its fun to “play” with even Christmas day.

Grandparents – They are soo hard.  “Don’t get me anything, I don’t need anything”  As if we could ever get away with that!  Here’s my tried and trues:

  1. Anything from Marbles Brain Store.  They have all kinds of fun trivia and fun “stay sharp” games for seniors who end up spending a lot of time alone
  2.   iPad – if you are going big.  They are so much easier for the non-computer savvy just cause iPads are so intuitive
  3. Grandmas – Pictures – incorporated in calendars or framed up.  Just because we are leaving our photos on our phones does not mean grandmas are.  They like a picture, damnit.  Scarfs or capes – one size fits all, and pretty pyjamas. 
  4. Grandpas – Gift Cards to restaurants they like (think Olive Garden), sports stuff (golf balls) and favorite team gear (license plate rims, etc)  

Guys in your life:

  1. Stocking stuffer – multi colored shoe strings from Nordstroms.  They change them in the bucks to match their shirts
  2. Clothes – so they stop wearing the same stuff all the time
  3. Fun/ cool winter hat

Kids – Its way too easy.  Go look up my Kmart/Fab 15 list online.  Furbys, Monster High, Lala Loopsy are all perfect for girls.  Boys are still loving Legos, and the young kids love anything that is Doc McStuffins or Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  Throw in some classics for stocking stuffers – pick up sticks, card games, jacks.  Its retro and cool and you can still beat them at these things. 

Hope this helps as you go out to polish off your list.  Have a happy holiday!  Mama Says So!

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