Olympic Mom Marketing

My family is all about the Olympics.  From the opening ceremony, through the competitions and background stories, and the Olympic commercial breaks – we watch more TV during these 2 weeks than we do the rest of the year.  So even though we are only a couple of days in – I already have my favorites.  And no surprise, they are the ads perfectly targeted to Moms. 

Mama says that P&G’s Thank You Mom campaign with the  “Best Job” commercial is the hands-down winner for Mom Marketing.  I start misting up just thinking about the spot.  Their other Thank You Mom commercial, “They’ll Always Be Kids”  is equally touching – and shorter.  A strong second place is the Kellogg’s “Swimmer” commercial about starting with breakfast.  When the Olympic swimmer, Rebecca Soni,  turns back into a little girl wearing polka dots and does the cannon ball into the pool, every mom on the planet smiled.  Well played, Battle Creek! I also love the AT&T commercial where the kid goes out for a run and listens to the books on tape.  But that may just be because my cross country running son does the same thing.  (I always thought it was kind of strange!) 

Basically, any commercial that shows these amazing athletes as kids or applauds the Olympic spirit is a sure fire Mom pleaser.  Even while most of us know our own kids will never compete in the Olympic Arena, all Moms can see the Mothers in the stands and we know that emotion shining in their eyes.  My husband has no idea why I am crying when the heat winner looks up to share the moment with his mom.  But P&G and Kellogg have figured it out.

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