Licensing Show 2012 Hotties

The licensing show showcased the line ups, trends and hopefuls for 2013 and even 2014.  Among the entertainment licenses, the offerings shook out in 3 categories:  The New Hot-Hot, the Remakes & Reworks, and The Tried and True.  Here’s my take on the new Hotties or Hot-Hot wannabes.

Mama Says that the new Hot Hot License will be One Direction. (Insert ear-piercing squeal here) Love em or hate em, those British Singing Boys are already rolling in the licensing deals.  I’ve heard some of the guarantees being gossiped about and they are outlandish!  From Toys to Tee’s and notebooks – here comes One Direction!

Also in the Hot-Hot Category is App licensing.  Trying to follow in the footsteps of Angry Birds, everything from Cut The Rope, Annoying Orange, and Gotta Pea is available for licensing.  It will be interesting to see if Angry Birds was a one time break out or if this category can sustain.

Maybe Hot Hopefuls?  Dreamworks is launching a movie call Turbo about a racing snail.  Its so crazy it just might work.  We will see how audiences react next summer – and Mattel has an awesome line of boys toys to back it up.   Dreamwors’ best movies don’t always translate into great toy and merchandise sales, so Turbo is the gamblers bet. (I’m a believer!)  The other Hottie Wannabe is Disney’s Lone Ranger that launches around July 4th2013.  Yes, the Masked Man of the Westerns with a horse named Silver!  Tonto is Johnny Depp and the movie has a lot of the Pirates of the Caribbean producer and ethos.  Again, Pirates did not sell a lot of toys outside of Lego, so this may be a block buster movie with no real merchandising play. 

Fox tipped its hand about a 2014 Spielberg movie called Robopocolypse.  I was really excited about the possibilies for licensed merchandise (total boy property!) and it looks like it will be a great movie.

Disney is also launching a High School Musical type movie called Teen Beach.  Its like a Grease / Back To the Future mash up with heavy Beach Blanket Bingo overtones.  It’s too old for my Toys programs, but the Teen Beach dancing and singing cuties could be selling a lot of apparel next year.

I hate to keep going back to Disney, but they are also rocking the Preschool Category with their Disney Jr. properties.  Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Doc McStuffins and Mickey and Minnie are selling really well in 2012.  In August of 2013 they will be joined with Sophia the First – and new littlegirl princess in training.   This show will have cameo appearances from the real Disney Princesses and will delight the preschool girls to no end.   I’m sorry, but there are serious pink sparkly dollar signs rolling in my eyes right now.

More tomorrow on the Re-Makes and the Tried and Trues…..

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