Best Teaching Website – Mama Says So

Am I the last person to know about the Kahn Academy?  This is the most brilliant website ever!  I am not ashamed to admit that my kids’ math classes have surpassed my memory of quadratic equations and plotting algebraic charts.  So where do I tell them to go when they’re stumped with their homework?  To my new favorite resource

Actually, one of my son’s teachers told him about it with the joke “This site may be putting me out of a job, but I’ll tell you about it anyway”.  Then I watched him use the site and I was totally sucked in.  Kahn Academy has close to 3,000 videos that teach different subjects.  It does seem that their specialty is math.  A very understandable guy in a humorous voice over teaches different topics that you select from an extensive drop down menu.  So the video is the blackboard with the teacher’s explanation of the lesson.  He takes the most complex stuff and makes it simple.  Picture your favorite teacher ever, but on every topic and available when ever you need him.  This is the parenting tool of the year(s)!  Way to take the pressure off of us Kahn academy.  Well played!

On the site they have Salman Kahn’s presentation at TED.  His vision is to make a high quality education available to everyone.   This is such a great concept; it makes up for all of the other idiotic uses for the Internet.  Count me in as a fan.  I am going  to login to learn everything I ever missed on US History and Art History.

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