Back To School Again – 12 years later

Twelve years ago we moved into our neighborhood and enrolled our oldest child in Kindergarten. We arrived in October, so school was already underway, and our son was a little apprehensive – until he met his new best friend and neighbor, Dan T. Dan’s Mom was delighted to have us move in as she explained her dilemma to us. “Dan is wandering around the house like a lost child because this is the first year all 5 of his siblings are in school for the full day. Dan is in Kindergarten for the morning, but then he just waits all afternoon until the kids to come home. Now, he has a playmate with Connor.”

So for years Dan and Connor walked to school together, played together, and competed together. Connor quickly became the 7th child at Dan’s house. When dinner was not to his liking at our kitchen, he knew he could do better down the street at Dan’s. After all, he explains, Mrs. T is the best cook in the neighborhood. It was almost uncanny how the boys had almost every class together, choose the same sports, and push each other with a very friendly rivalry.

Unbelievably, its 12 years later and back to school time again. And history is repeating itself at Mrs. T’s house. The twist is that all of Dan’s siblings have gone off to college. And this time we are not worried about how Dan will fill his days. As an active senior he has every minute filled. But Connor is worried about Mrs. T with so many empty chairs around the table. He’s thinking he may have to put in a little more time there, at least during the back to school season.

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