Mama Says So Play Dates go International

I am a big fan of the international play date!

I just shipped my 13 year old off to Paris for her first French Play Date with the Bannelier family.     And its about time! My son and the oldest Bannelier boy have been swapping summer play dates since they were 11 years old. They are now 17 and great friends. When the boys were just starting out the language was a bit of a challenge.  Over the years it has become less of a factor as they both study and practice the other’s language.   However there are basic kid things that override language – like Harry Potter, sports, trampolines, music, ping pong, roller-coasters, and laughter.

I am sure the girls are making do with a lot of pantomime and smiles.   But they are swimming, playing and climbing through the adventure park in Lyon. The boys, on the other hand, have decided to dress as Fred and George, the Weasly Twins, and attend the Harry Potter midnight premiere with a bunch of high school friends.

I used to work with Mrs. Bannelier in an international firm.  When we realized that our kids were the same age we devised this international play date program that has been functioning quite well.  The kids go play for about 2 – 3 weeks as the schedules dictate, and then they return home.  Each family takes turns hosting.  The host family plans the “play date”.  Some years the kids go off to camp together, sometimes they vacation, it really depends on the family’s plans.  The idea is to blend the visiting child into the host family’s summer in a seamless way. 

So we are enjoying our French “son”  very much and judging from the infrequent upbeat texts we are getting from France, that play date is also a hit!  Viva la play!  Mama Says So!

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