Happy 4th of July – Pure Suburban Amerciana

Its the picture perfect July 4th in the suburb of Arlington Heights.  The whole town shows up – half of us are marching in the parade, the other half are sitting on the sidewalks and curbs cheering them on.  There are babies in strollers, dogs on leashes, tired parents with coffees in hand, kids with sacks to catch candy that will be thrown from the floats.  And we are ALL wearing red, white, and blue.  Even the dogs.

The parade is a great collection of marching bands, boy and girl scouts, floats, shriners, and classic cars.  All of the spectators rise to our feet and cheer when the Veterens either ride or march by with the colors flying.  The grandpas in their uniforms smile, wave back and graciously accept the shouted “thank yous”.  

The group I am sitting with hollars out to the friends and neighbor kids representing the local swim teams, chruches, and businesses.  They respond by tossing coupons, trinkets and coupons to us.  Even the marching jazzercize ladies toss scrunchies!   The high school marching bands are playing all of the patriotic tunes, and I am totally teared up at the Battle Hymn of the Republic.  America the Beautiful and Yanke Doodle Dandy is the the background music as Rugby teams, clowns, local politicians, the Jesse White tumblers all file by.  

All of our kids who range in age from high schoolers to 1st graders are lined up on the curb chatting, watching and cheering.  Occasionally they help the little kids collect candy and stay out of the street.  This, by the way, is the same group of kids who are too bored to do whatever we suggest and too cool to be seen in public with all of us parent types.  For this one beautiful sunny morning they get in the patriotic spirit and celebrate the day with us.  Apparently, 4th of July is not too corny afterall; Mama Says So.

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