Boy Movie Bonanza? Moms Just Aren’t Buying It!

The toy world was poised for the blockbuster Spring and Summer for boys toys.  Come on, with Thor, Pirates of the Caribbean 4, Green Lantern, Pixar’s Cars 2, Transformers 3, and Captain America, the deck was stacked for success – right?  So where are those headlines of record sales?  As it turns out, neither the box office results nor the toy results are living up to the epic action hero hype.

Did you notice that most of those movies have a number after them?  Is Amercia tiring of the sequels?  I have to say, I am probably the biggest Captain Jack Sparrow fan there is, but even I found Pirates 4 uninspired.  Looking at the retailers shelves, it seems that no one expected much in the way of merchandising sales there.  Even the showing of toy Thor hammers was pretty light.  But Cars 2?  Pixar has never under delivered.  And yet for the first time, they had a disappointing opening weekend with only $66Million in box office receipts.  (Compare to Toy Story 2 last year which exceeded $100Million).  Even more surprising,  the reviews on Cars 2 were mediocre to poor with IMDB giving it a 6.7.  Lets be honest, though; we Moms take our kids to a lot of movies that aren’t exactly critically acclaimed.  There has to be something else at play.  Retailers and toy manufacturers also are not seeing signs of the “40% bigger than Toy Story 2” that Disney was projecting for Cars 2.  Its still early, but Moms, are you going to buy in to McQueen and Mater this time?

Speaking of not critically acclaimed, Transformers 3 is back with more Michael Bay action.  I did see this action packed movie that has lots of great Chicago scenes and is completely unencumbered by a plot.  My kids and their friends thought it was great fun despite some comically poor acting.  I saw serious potential for movie inspired toy sales!  But even this movie is not tracking to break the opening weekend $100 Million box office .   What is up? 

We still have Captain America coming up.  We’ll see if his patriotic shield fares better than Thor’s hammer or Green Lantern’s ring.  For me and my kids?  The wait is all about the Harry Potter movie.  But then, that’s never been about the toy sales.  That’s about our long term friendship with a boy wizard.

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