Kid tech gets the Girl!

I’ve been known to blast Facebook and any texting device as time stealers and social skill eroders in the hands of kids.  My primary rationale is because “Mama Says So”.  But I may have to eat my words this time.

This video was taken as my son asked his girlfriend to Prom.  I can’t explain why, but  in Chicago it is inadequate to just ask a girl, “Hey, do you want to go to Prom?”  so he created a Bollywood Flash Mob to ask her.  For some bizarre reason the kids all know the Bollywood movie Lagaan, and the music “Mitwa” is what they are dancing to.

The dance scene materialized at the High School, but a lot of the dance moves were taught over facebook.  My son (the tall one) got his sister to use a flip camera and film him talking through the dance moves and progressions.  Then, through the wonders of incessant texting, they coordinated the time and place.  All of the kids’ friends and family then get to watch it on YouTube, or from their smart phones.  A little tech nirvana.

So maybe kids do use tech for more than wasting time.  In this case, it was used to get the girl.   Mama Says So.

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