Go Play Outside! Mama Says So!

It’s 80 degrees in the Chicago area and its still only April!  This is tantamount to a national holiday.  We’ve busted out the shorts and tees and everyone is outside enjoying the weather – well, almost everyone.  I have the bevvy of sulky tween girls hanging here who are “bored” and “will maybe just watch a movie” and who “may receive an overdue butt-kicking” from yours truly.  So I snap off the TV and give them two choices.  One is a big marble colored bouncy ball.  The second is a bicycle.  Then I kick them outside with the cat and tell them to figure it out.  The playdate is in their hands!

The basic ball, at $2.99 is the surprise winner.  The girls start with some wacky game of kick ball, then it morphs into a no-net volley ball.  The next time I peek into the backyard there is a full scale dodge ball game raging.  This is a perfect aggression release for the little she-beasts. 

After a time, the playdate gravitates to the bikes.  They form a tweenage posse and ride around the neighborhood.  I consider using this opportunity to change the locks and pretend we moved.  But the allure of the sun and the peddling mania keeps them happy and busy for hours.  When they do come back, it is with half the attitude.  This time I got by with two simple “toys”.  Anybody else finding good ways to keep tween girls busy outside on sunny days?

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