O-H-I-O Go Bucks!

 To stay true to the Mama Says So mission, I’ll couch this post as a commentary on the Ohio State Buckeye brand.  How about those Buckeyes?  For those of you under a rock, they beat Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl and finally took down an SEC rival.  The Buckeye Brand is a favorite in my family – even with the kids who have no other reason to be fans than their parents’ blatant brainwashing.  Watching the Bucks is a high-engagement family activity that brings the Fitzgeralds together.    At least up until the very tense moments in Q4 where my husband and I  started screaming unflattering and foul things at the Razorbacks team and cheerleaders.  My son looked at us and said “Who are you two?”   I grounded him for life. 

Its also awesome hearing from all my Buckeye friends and family during the game (aka Buckeye Brand Advocates).  Especially at the the crucial moment when the Bucks were going for a game-saving 4th down.  (This is brand building and social media at its very finest, I tell you!)  Fellow Buckeye Tim’s brief text before the snap said it all  ” PRAY”.    Then, when we did not make the first down, my Buckeye “Brand Advocates” proved that the iPhone does not have a profanity filter.  Good times.  It was in those dark moments that many of my texting buddies and facebook friends vowed to start going to church and/or wear their Buckeye gear to work the next day if only the football gods would let us pull it off.

Then boom!  The OSU defense intercepts the Razorbacks touchdown pass in the last minute and victory is ours.  The battered QB, Terrel Pryor, has pushed the Bucks on for the win.  The poor kid can barely walk so his team mates lug him up to the award platform where the smug reporter asks him “So was this a personal battle for you since you were just suspended for NCAA infractions?”   Damn.  Were I in New Orleans at the time, I would have jumped up there and smacked him.  Does he not understand the essence of these brand defining moments?  Pryor, of course, gave the well trained answer and apologized to the Buckeye Nation for trangressions against the OSU and NCAA style guide while he was wincing in obvious physical pain.  I wish, in an alternate universe, Pryor could have said, “Look, pretty boy.  I just beat the Bleeping Razorbacks and won the Bleeping Sugar Bowl.  And I pretty much pulled most of the Bleeping game off myself.  So why should I waste this moment apologizing for a Freshman dumb move from two years ago?  Besides, I just raised the Ohio State Bleeping  brand equity, so why don’t you just ask me how happy I am?   But that would be off the brand message.  So we’ll just have to wait for some rouge Social Media wizard to make that version of the interview and put it on You Tube.

Well,  I say congratulations Buckeyes!  And since I already wore my OHIO STATE sweatshirt with my black skirt and boots to work today (as did many of my sorority sisters if they kept their pledges), I will just pray for a good 2011 season from my pew at church on Sunday.  Way to build the brand!   Go Bucks!  Mama Says So!

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