No Place Like Home for the Holidays?

The Mama Says So crew escaped the rental hovel for Christmas and headed home for the holiday. Home is a tricky concept. For my kids, home just evaporated with the sale of our house on Dec 15th. My parents home in Dayton would be a good substitute.

Family is also a tricky concept. There is my husband and two kids, there’s my parents, and then there is my brother and his wife and kids. The trouble is that my Mom still thinks she’s the boss of all of us. The fact that we are in her house seems to reinforce her claim of sovereignty. Fortunately, family also includes the neighbors who we grew up with in Ohio. The neighbors have 4 kids that are my generation, and they have kids who are a little older than my kids. The big mess of all of these families traveled from New York, Georgia, Chicago and North Carolina for an awesome Christmas Eve party. There was some drinking, eating, joking, game playing, laughing and hugging. Then Santa came to visit as he always does at this particular party. After Santa delivered presents to the little ones each family takes the traditional picture with Santa.

First, its my family and my parents. (In the photo)  Next, my buddy, Joni, poses with Santa, her husband, her girls and son-in law. Joni’s daughter, Ashley, is hosting the party in her new house. The last time our extended family was all together was at Ashley’s wedding last May.  So Joni’s family is all poised for the obligatory picture when the photographer yells not “cheese” but “Ashley’s Pregnant!”. It wasn’t a good picture as everyone’s mouth was open. But then the room went wild. Another new baby to add to the extended family!  Oh look, there’s my Mom telling Ashley what she needs to name the baby. Sigh. There’s no place like home for the holidays no matter which Mama says so.

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