Black Friday Bargain Warriers!!!


I said I would never do it!  But this year my kids and I woke up at 4:30 AM the day after Thanksgiving, brushed our teeth and jumped in the car to join the bargin hunters in the cold wee hours. 

We were egged on by all of those commercials talking about the crazy deals and it seemed like all the other cool kids are doing it – especially that nutty lady on the Target Commercials.  I just felt that I was missing out, and it didn’t take long to rope my kids into this capitalistic peer pressure caper.  Black Friday Bargain Hunting!

My 16 year old was hoping to pick up a cheap Snuggie for his girlfriend’s Christmas present and perhaps get involved in a shopping riot or bargain related tussle.  He was pretty sure his sister, Kit (known for getting yellow cards in soccer), or me would stumble into some shopping altercation or door storming that would require his help.    Well,  at least he found a Snuggie! 

We joined the throngs at Sears, then Dicks Sporting Goods, then Dunkin Donuts (where the clerk told me about how she had been up all night at Walmart shopping Electronics), and then we went to Kmart and Target.  I learned a couple of truths that I would like to share with my readers

1) There is still plenty of sale stuff to buy at 8:00 AM!  No need to be anywhere at the crack of dawn as far as I could see.

2) By 6:00 AM most of the craze is over.  If you are hoping for the rush of rushing crowds – you missed it!

3) Most stores still have teriffic deals over the weekend – Fri – Saturday

4) EVERYTHING becomes hilariously funny in this sleep deprived state driving around in the dark.  We laughed so hard (at nothing) we crossed the snorting threshold. 

I was not shopping for the key electonics items.  Those may run out fast and you need to be there when the doors open to score.  But for everything else, the Mama Says So plan is to sleep in until 7:00 and then saunter in with my coffee and muffin.

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