I hate Back To School! There. I Said it.


What is up with all of the Moms wanting school to begin?  Am I the only one who sees this as a BAD thing?  Summer is coming to an end, and no one is trying to stop it!   Have all of you Moms forgotten what comes with BTS?  Have the last couple of months of sun and play lulled you  into forgetfulness?  Well here is your wake up call!  Back To School brings schedules, forms and and PTA related chores.  As a working Mom, I have enough of that noise in my day-job. Once School begins my family time converts to my night job.   Get the dr.’s physical forms completed, sign up for book sale night, check the home work, argue about bedtime, write a check for the field trips, blah, blah blah.  And then there is my favorite – the opening projects for many of the classes are Arts and Crafts extravaganzas.  So multiple evenings will be dedicated to trips to Michael’s or Hobby Lobby to buy enough stuff to fill a Paleozoic Era diorama.  You know what I am talking about.

Many of you are now understanding why yet again, I received no nomination for Mother of the Year.  But I have a good defense on this issue.  I justify my BTS loathing  because it alters my relationship with the kids.  We become less relaxed and the conversations are a little more transactional.  Me – “Did you do your homework?  Did you talk to your teacher today about blah-blah?  Am I supposed to be picking you kids up from drama?  Did you turn in the lunch money check?  Did you bring home the back-pack mail?  Them – “Yeeeeeessss, Mom.”  Me – “Good.  Then get ready for bed; you need your sleep.”

My husband points out that this is definitely a working Moms perspective.  That I avoided the -entertain-and-drive -the kids-all- summer-trap that hits most stay at home Moms.  Maybe he is right.  Since he works out of the house, he gets more chauffeur work than I do.   But regardless, Back to School for all Moms is like New Years day.  A new grade begins for each child , and in school terms, our kids are one year older.  Sigh.  Well, if none of you are going to help me stop this, I will go ahead and argue about the first day outfits, pack their back packs with everything on the list, and line them up for that “Back To School Picture” on the front steps before they run off toward their friends.   And then wipe off the tears that they are going, going, gone.

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  1. Brian B.
    Posted August 30, 2010 at 11:08 am | Permalink

    Hi Julia –
    In spite of these real challenges, you won’t be surprised that we have missed BTS for two years now. Recently I heard a smart person say that life is one transition after another. Continuous. We hope all is well for your family as we move into football season, etc.
    Take care out there – Brian Butcher

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