Retail Retaliation

Maybe I am the last to see this, but the video and the article blew my mind!  This is like Glee meets Joan Baez meets Che Guevera!  I love it that the art of civil protest is not dead – but nothing this cool has ever happened in our tame suburban Target before.

Full disclosure, I work for Sears / Kmart, so of course this warms my heart.  But I wonder how many moms alter their shopping behavior because of a corporate social / political issue?  I mean here in Chicago we all apparently stopped shopping Macy’s for 2 years after they changed the name of our beloved Marshal Fields and messed with our Frango mints.  I suppose if you are already sympathetic to an issue, a boycott is an empowering way to make a difference.

Regardless, check out this article and quick video.  Unbelievable!

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