Get Your Glee On!

Isn’t if funny how one hot show can turn something geek into chic?  As a parent of a high school boy in show choir, all I can say is Go Glee!  This year my 15 year old son defected from the safe suburban ranks of travel soccer to the school show choir.  While I had my “follow your path” smile pasted to my face, I was a little worried about his getting stuffed into his locker or facing the taunts of the Knights Football kids.  I mean after all, for some time show choir had been respected, but generally acknowledged as nerds and geeks.  But my son can sing and dance, and as he pointed out to me, there aren’t that many sophomore guys who can say the same.  He could wait his turn behind scores of junior athletes for a chance to shine – or he could hit the stage. 

So imagine my surprise when weeks after joining the show choir,  junior and senior girls from the group are giving him rides home.  My fear that show choir guys would be considered light-in-the-loafers was soon replaced with a phone bill showing his social texting has reached heights AT&T had considered improbable. Somewhere, when I wasn’t looking, Show choir had become chic.  Guys who could harmonize and Hip-Hop were cool even if they weren’t Usher.  And then I realized – it was the Glee factor.  This show that,coincidentally, was written by an alum from my son’s high school, had turned these geeks into gods overnight.

So I went to my first high school Show Choir Competition.  It was morning to night presentations of song and dance numbers complete with costume changes, hot mamas, boy-bandesque dance routines, and raw talent.  With the rest of the auditorium I cheered, clapped and danced in the gym bleachers.  No light sabers, no renditions of Moon River, and only a handful of total goobers.  The stands were full of proud parents and students who came to cheer on the show choir – just like they would the basketball team. 

I don’t know if sports were so over emphasized in our suburbs that everyone was ready for something new to cheer about, or if the show choir craze is only going to last as long as Glee’s ratings do.  But given the choice between a weekend of rocking performences versus a wrestling tournament, I can say that show choir really smells better.  Is show choir a trend in your school district now that Glee is making an impact? Weigh in.

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