Nurenberg Toy Fair

It was like Toy Land /Disneyland mash up!  I got to take a sneak peek into Europe’s toy trends for 2010 and wear lederhosen in public.  I’m writing this one up as the ultimate business trip!

For Moms and marketers looking for the latest toy trends from the continent, I didn’t find any shockers.  Big international brands are putting out more line extensions than new lines.  There are some great new preschool brands and toys in Europe, but they are tied to TV programs that have not found their way to the US yet.   There are great toys for the BBC’s Third And Bird (Love the Muffin Dance!), Webaloos, and In the Night Garden.   I hope they come to our side of the Pond!

Can we talk a moment about German toys? First, I think that the country is controlled by the Lego and Playmobil  companies.  I see the Chancellor position being filled with one of those little Playmobil figures.  In every store there are major displays for both construction companies.  I’m talking 3 ft high figures and Animals built from Lego bricks in the average department store.  I’m too young to have seen the Wall that divided East Germany from West Germany, but I am suspecting it was built from red Lego bricks.

It turns our that German kids also still build a lot more puzzles than we do in the US, and they still take the time to build models.  And why  wouldn’t they work more picture puzzles?  It’s like they are living in one – at least in Nurenberg.  The town is exuding cuteness!  From the churches and plazas to the pubs and castles, it looks like the Epcot center – only real!

Auf Wiedersehen!

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    If your going to mention wearing lederhosen in public, you have to post a picture.

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