Monthly Archives: February 2011

Barbie and Ken Back Together Again!

Have you heard the news?  Ken and Barbie are back together!  They’ve been broken up since 2004, and I’ve been worried that she may never find love again.   I kind of had a feeling things were heating up again when they appeared in Toy Story 3 together this summer.  Well, this seals it!  Ken asked […]

Toy Fair – 2011 Toys for Boys

I’m back from New York Toy Fair with the scoop on the properties, toys and trends that will take over our children in 2011!  For boys this year its all about movies, action figures, cars, construction and weapons to use against sisters.  If you have a little boy, be prepared for a movie line up […]

The Tiger Mom – Marketer or Meanie?

I may have been late to the game in hearing about the Tiger Mom.  But no problem – I can jump to my own conclusions lighting fast!  Besides being a terrible drag to grow up with or hang out with, Amy Chua (Tiger Mom)  has one factor working for her – she’s a brilliant publicity […]