Monthly Archives: August 2010

Top Toys of The Season!

Psssst.  The hottest toys of the season are here now.  Their commercials and hype haven’t started yet.  But the new stuff is on the retailers’ shelves.  My team and I at Kmart have been working on picking the best of the best toys with Rico Rodriguez – or ” Manny” from the hit TV Show Modern […]

I hate Back To School! There. I Said it.

  What is up with all of the Moms wanting school to begin?  Am I the only one who sees this as a BAD thing?  Summer is coming to an end, and no one is trying to stop it!   Have all of you Moms forgotten what comes with BTS?  Have the last couple of months of […]

Retail Retaliation

Target Ain’t People — MoveOn ad @ Yahoo! Video Maybe I am the last to see this, but the video and the article blew my mind!  This is like Glee meets Joan Baez meets Che Guevera!  I love it that the art of civil protest is not dead – but nothing this cool has ever […]

Hanging at Blogher

I attended the Blogher conference this year on behalf of my company.  We were looking to understand how the whole Mom blogging community could work with our own social media plans.  What I found was a well attended gal pal party that seemed to be hosted by 3 magnanimous hostesses (the founders) and a raft […]

Europe with Kids? Why not?

One last word on Museums with kids – Skip the paid guides. They are paced for art loving, information seeking adults. Kids would rather eat glass than listen to them!