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Mama Says So Play Dates go International

I am a big fan of the international play date! I just shipped my 13 year old off to Paris for her first French Play Date with the Bannelier family.     And its about time! My son and the oldest Bannelier boy have been swapping summer play dates since they were 11 years old. They are […]

Kids at Weddings

When I was the bride and the perennial bridesmaid in multiple weddings, I would roll my eyes at the mention of kids in weddings.  Why take the focus off of the woman in White?  What good could come of it?  I had never seen the sense in forcing little ones to be quiet in a […]

Europe with Kids? Why not?

One last word on Museums with kids – Skip the paid guides. They are paced for art loving, information seeking adults. Kids would rather eat glass than listen to them!