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My 4 New Millennial Media Lessons

Over the holidays I spent some quality (and quantity) time with my teenagers and I  learned some millennial media lessons – but as a user and not just as a trend observer.  My top 4 media lessons? 1) Binge watching shows – why wade through commercials or wait 7 days for the next installment of a […]

Facebook Makes it Harder For Brands To Reach Mom

Its official.  Facebook has killed organic reach for brands.  So all of those hard earned “likes” are mostly useless.  Really, I don’t know if I should laugh or cry.  As an FB user in my personal life,  I don’t mind losing some of the ads that creep into my feed.  As a marketer, I harrumph […]

Olympic Mom Marketing

My family is all about the Olympics.  From the opening ceremony, through the competitions and background stories, and the Olympic commercial breaks – we watch more TV during these 2 weeks than we do the rest of the year.  So even though we are only a couple of days in – I already have my […]

Boy Movie Bonanza? Moms Just Aren’t Buying It!

The toy world was poised for the blockbuster Spring and Summer for boys toys.  Come on, with Thor, Pirates of the Caribbean 4, Green Lantern, Pixar’s Cars 2, Transformers 3, and Captain America, the deck was stacked for success – right?  So where are those headlines of record sales?  As it turns out, neither the […]

Top Toys For The Season

Julia talks Fab 15 in-studio with WJBK from Julia Fitzgerald on Vimeo. I  had the opportunity to appear on FOX2 News in Detroit earlier this week to talk about the Fab 15 – the hottest toys of the season.  While it was nice to talk toys with Kam, it was really fun to shoot up […]

Fab 15 Toy List with Rico in NYC!

Last Friday I had the good fortune to announce the Fab 15 Toys list in NYC with Rico Rodriguez.  We started the morning in Times Square where we talked on camera (and on the big Times Square Billboards!) about the toy selections, and then Rico announced them all one by one.  We had a great […]

Top Toys of The Season!

Psssst.  The hottest toys of the season are here now.  Their commercials and hype haven’t started yet.  But the new stuff is on the retailers’ shelves.  My team and I at Kmart have been working on picking the best of the best toys with Rico Rodriguez – or ” Manny” from the hit TV Show Modern […]

Retail Retaliation

Target Ain’t People — MoveOn ad @ Yahoo! Video Maybe I am the last to see this, but the video and the article blew my mind!  This is like Glee meets Joan Baez meets Che Guevera!  I love it that the art of civil protest is not dead – but nothing this cool has ever […]

Hanging at Blogher

I attended the Blogher conference this year on behalf of my company.  We were looking to understand how the whole Mom blogging community could work with our own social media plans.  What I found was a well attended gal pal party that seemed to be hosted by 3 magnanimous hostesses (the founders) and a raft […]

Nurenberg Toy Fair

It was like Toy Land /Disneyland mash up!  I got to take a sneak peek into Europe’s toy trends for 2010 and wear lederhosen in public.  I’m writing this one up as the ultimate business trip! For Moms and marketers looking for the latest toy trends from the continent, I didn’t find any shockers.  Big […]